Top Three…

Top three things I like about the city of Kyiv:

1.    Tree lined streets… now covered with snow

2.    Gloria Jeans Coffee Shop… complete with Caffe Mocha and banana nut bread

3.    Khreshatik street… greatest walking street I have ever been on

Top three things I DON’T like about Kyiv:

1.    Traffic… lots of it

2.    Traffic… sidewalks now used as parking lots

3.    Traffic… did I already mention that???

Please don’t  misunderstand me, I love the city.  It is a great city.  The atmosphere, the people, the beauty of the city is captivating.  While living here, I loved everything about it except for one thing… (mentioned above…)

Besides, the political landscape makes it worth the while.  If for nothing else… it is never dull.