Tourney talk

The boy’s tourney was ok. For some reason the tourney just lacked something. The crowds were not as big as in the past. The excitement seemed to be less.

Another thing is the tourney now has “corporate” sponsors. So, everytime there was a time out, the announcer had to give a plug for State Farm or Dairy Queen. Not sure I like that, but I guess with attendance down, the UIL had to make some money somehow.

I think they should consider rotating the tourney between Dallas (or Fort Worth), Houston, San Antonio and Austin. I think this would create some interest in the cities and allow people the opportunity to see the tourney.

It seems that UT is growing tired of the tourney. They don’t allow any parking on their campus (except for paid) and so there is limited parking. Few places to eat around the Erwin center also creates problems.

Overall, I had a good time. It just wasn’t as exciting and fun as years past…