Traffic on a Sunday

This morning I left early for church as I wanted to stop at a store along the way. I left the store and had only a 10 minute drive to the church…or at least I thought I did.

As I got on the most northern bridge in Kyiv, I noticed cars were backed up. This bridge has 7 lanes, 3 in each direction, and the center lane acts as a fourth lane during the morning and afternoon traffic.

Right away, I noticed that the traffic in going in my direction had already claimed 6 of the 7 lanes and we weren’t moving. I was in the middle lane so there was nowhere for me to go…

I sat there for 15 minutes and noticed a fire truck and several ambulances behind me, obviously trying to get to the accident that was some where I couldn’t see. I finally decided that the bridge was closed and I wasn’t going anywhere. I eventually got to where I could turn around and try to cross another bridge.

It took me another 45 minutes to finally reach church, 30 minutes late. After the service, a young lady told me that she was caught in the same traffic jam, but was closer to the accident and said that a car like a Volkswagen called a Skoda had been sheared in half and there were several dead people. So, I am glad that I went a different direction.

After the service and on the drive home, I wound up in another traffic jam due to another accident. Again I sat for a few minutes, but eventually was able to get around.

Later in the day, I was on my way to our Kyiv worship time and again got caught in a traffic jam due to road construction. And I thought it would be pleasant to drive since it was Sunday and many people are on vacation, but I was wrong. I’m just glad I didn’t go for a “Sunday” drive…