Travelin by train

Until February 1994 I had never traveled on a long distance train.  I remember that first train ride from Kyiv to Lugansk.  Tickets were extremely hard to come by, the ride was over 20 hours, and I had to sleep in the upper berth in an open car.

Lots has changed in the years since. For Donetsk, one of the best outcomes of hosting Euro 2012 was getting several new fast trains.  Travel between Donetsk and Kiev has been cut by at least 5 hours.

Last week saw lots of snow fall in Donetsk.  I had read all the stories of closed highways around Donetsk, so I decided to take the train to Kharkov for the weekend instead of driving.  I’m glad I did, it was a relaxing trip!

I was able to purchase my tickets on their website site, then print the tickets at home! Not all trains allow this, but the new fast trains have this option!

The trains are comfortable and clean.  The young train conductor on the trip up to Kharkov even spoke English!  On each row there were electrical outlets.

I have a team meeting soon in another city and contemplating taking the train there as well.  The road between Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk is in bad shape usually during winter, so I am uncertain that I want to endure that 4 hour drive.  At least I have a good option!

2 thoughts on “Travelin by train

  1. Traveling by train is our favorite way to go! If there’s snow on the ground, be sure to post some of the countryside while on the train, please.

  2. I took some pictures, however, with the double paned windows, there are shadows! I will post some as soon as I get them uploaded to my computer.

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