Tribute to a great lady

I just found out that a lady who was like my grandmother passed away recently. Fern Camp has been a family friend longer than I have been alive. My mother babysat her children when they were little.

One of my uncle’s dated one of her daughters and one of my sister’s dated her nephew. When I was born none of my grandparents were living. I had one great grandfather who lived until I was three, so I don’t remember too much of him.

Fern was like my grandmother. I have great memories of us playing dominoes and cards (can Baptist still do that?!?). We spent many New Year’s Eves together and at midnight we would eat our blackeyed peas and cornbread.

One of the funniest times I remember was during an ice storm in Wichita Falls. We didn’t get snow often, and when it fell, most of the time it was ice. Anyway, I remember us being somewhere in my car and she wanted me to speed up so that we could slide in the ice! She was in her 70’s at the time! What a good role model! (LOL)

I haven’t seen her in the last couple of years, but I knew that her health was not good and the last time I spoke to my sister she told me that Fern wasn’t expected to live much longer. However, knowing that and finding out that someone you loved has died are two different things.

Thanks Fern for being a grandmother to me. You will always be close to my heart.