Trip Home

The flight home was long! I flew from Kiev to Munich to Chicago and then to DFW. Each stop included a 2-3 hour layover. So, by the time I arrived in Irving I had been up 24 hours. I was tired.

I don’t know why, but I have never been able to sleep much on planes or trains. I have tried sleeping pills, Tylenol PM, nothing seems to ever help. Oh, well.

On my last flight from Chicago to DFW, the pilot announced that there were 10 special friends on the plane: people from New Orleans heading to Dallas to stay with friends. As the pilot announced their presence, people began clapping. My heart was touched.

As it turned out, 3 of them were sitting in front of me. I discovered this when one of the flight attendants came up to them and gave them her Bible. It was a nice picture to see. I didn’t want to invade their privacy, but as I got up I introduced myself and asked what their family name is so that I could mention them on my website. They are the Carter’s. Please pray for them and the thousands of others who find themselves without homes, place to go, etc.