Trip to Arkalik

Wow! It seems like forever since I last posted anything on the site. I have been in Arkalik for 5 days. I went there to lead a seminar on small group ministry. I preached on Friday night, Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday morning and then had the seminar on Sunday afternoon.

It was a great time and I really enjoyed myself. One of the students from the Bible Institute lives there and so it was great to see him. He is a cousin to the pastor and lives close to the pastor so my student’s mother invited me over several times for lunch, dinner and tea. However, tea in Russian culture means “eat, eat, eat!”

On Saturday I had the privilege to go to a village near Arkalik and preach to a new group. They want to start a church in this village and so a young man has moved there to work. I am impressed with their willingness to move to these remote villages and work.

On Monday we went to the river and some of the guys swam. The water was still too cold for me so I will have to wait until another time. The river area is very nice and I got to see a beautiful sunset on the way back to the pastor’s home.

The pastor wanted to bless me and so his wife and he took me to the market and bought me a pair of sandals. It was very special as I know of his financial struggles. I did my best to talk them out of it since shoes are so expensive for them here, but I knew it was useless to do so and also knew that God had touched their hearts to do so.

Even though I was tired from 3 weeks in Almaty and wasn’t looking forward to spending 2 days on the train (there and back), God richly blessed me. I have a deeper love for this brother, his family, the church and the work going on in Arkalik. To God be the Glory!