Trip wrap-up

I thought I would share some photos from my trips to Kyiv and Moscow.

My trip to Moscow was interesting. It is the first time I was ever able to get a picture of the police. Usually they will not allow people to take their picture. In 1995 I remember Andrea and I almost got arrested for her filming some police while they were checking my documents.


These two officers were nice enough to let me take my photo in front of them on their horses. Another person in our group wanted me to take his picture in front of them. While switching places, their superior came up and got angry with me. And so we never got the other photo.

december-2007-023_small.jpg december-2007-024_small.jpg december-2007-028_small.jpg december-2007-033_small.jpg

In these photos is the famous Red Square in Moscow. The first photo shows how much has changed in former Soviet Moscow. On far left of the photo is the large department store building. The blue tent is the staging area for the large ice skating rink behind it. Then there is a large “New Year’s tree”. St. Basils Cathedral is in the background. The Kremlin is on the right.

One tradition on wedding day is to travel around the city taking photos in special landmarks. Of course, in Moscow, that includes a trip to Red Square. The third photo is of Lenin’s tomb.

The fourth photo is of Starbucks. The coffee shop has just recently opened in Moscow. Of course, I had to go and enjoy a $6 cup of coffee.

On my return to Kyiv I was able to visit with some dear friends. Tolik, his sister Zhenya and her husband, Sergei and I went to Vesyuvio’s Pizza restaurant for dinner before I left to return to Karaganda. The first photo was taken as a reflection from the large mirror across from us.

december-2007-051_small.jpg december-2007-053_small.jpg

I had a great time in Kyiv, Zaparozhia and Moscow. However, I was more than ready to come home to Karaganda.

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  1. Joe, I sent a copy of your Starbucks photo to our youngest son who is a coffee master for them in Denver. He helps in opening a new store in about 2 weeks. We enjoyed reading about your time in Moscow. It is an amazing place. Especially now with a *bucks! – Don and Diane

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