Where do you place your trust? In whom?

In December 1991, I found myself in one of the most difficult places in my life. I had moved to Dallas to work, and the company sold and closed down, leaving me and 900 other people out of work.

The next six months found me learning to truly trust in God. To truly rely upon Him for everything. And it wasn’t easy at first.

Then, God prompted me to do something else… leave the comforts of home and go across the Atlantic to a place I had no knowledge. A country that was only a few years old and still finding its way.

Getting on that plane in February 1994 to fly to Kyiv, Ukraine was a huge faith builder. For the next three years, God worked miracles around me and in me!

Then, seminary came with its own challenges from 1998-2001. Again, I saw events happen in my life that only came from trusting a God whom I could not see, but with whom I had “seen” work specifically in different situations in my life.

Through my 16+ years with IMB, I have watched God work. I have seen lives changed by trusting in Him. I have seen my faith grow because of God working in me. Even when a cancer diagnosis came in 2016, He sustained me.

Now, in February 2020, I am facing walls that I cannot climb, roads I cannot travel… that is I in my own strength, in my own will.

But, the great thing is that I don’t have to try to climb those walls or travel down those roads alone. When I placed my trust in Him, He promised to never leave me, He promised to always be with me. And for that reason alone, I can face these uncertain days… knowing that I am loved by my God. Through it all, it is for His glory!