Two Points!

I have been playing basketball with some guys (most of them are programmists). I am not very good, but I enjoy playing and it is great exercise.

I usually don’t play too much offense since the other team always has someone hanging back and so I do also. Therefore, I don’t get too many opportunities to score (plus I’m not very good, remember?). In the several weeks that I have played, I haven’t scored. For me the goal is not to win, but to have fun and get some exercise. That’s probably why no one wants to be on my team!

Anyway, tonight, while I was warming up, I felt like I was finally getting my groove as I was hitting some outside shots. I am not an inside player on offense so I like to shoot from the perimeter (after all I’m not very tall!).

Well, tonight during our last game, I finally made a shot! I was ecstatic! Several of the guys even clapped. It was a great moment for me and made me feel like I was finally a part of this group of guys.

Thanks guys for letting me play with you. My friend, Max, told me that he checks my website most mornings at work. Wow, I was overwhelmed to hear this. Max has helped me numerous times and I really appreciate all that he has done for me.