Ukraine in political turmoil

I arrived in Kyiv on Monday afternoon.  Extremely long lines at passport control greeted me.  Traffic in the airport has increased dramatically in 5 years.  It is in desparate need of expansion, DESPARATE!!!  I cannot underscore that enough.

Leaving the airport is another problem.  They ran out of parking several years ago, however, it is impossible now to find a parking spot and people are parking everywhere, which then causes problems trying to drive in and out of the airport.

Things won’t get any better any time sooner due to the political turmoil in the country.  It was announced today that the two Orange Revolution parties are at an impasse which means there is not a coalition.  This could result in a third parliamentary election in 3 years.

With this in mind, investors may be apprehensive to invest in the country.  There appears to be no stability here.  Thus, the airport situation doesn’t look any brighter any time soon.

Ultimately, it is the citizens of Ukraine who will be hurt in the long run.