Unexpected present

With any job, it has its ups and downs. Over the last 6 months I have not been working directly with students, pastors, and congregations since I have been preparing documents, recruitment pieces and recruiting Ukrainians to go to Kazakhstan as missionaries. Plus, I have been studying, researching and preparing to attend a specialized training course in February that has taken much of my time.

So, there have been times when I have longed to be more intimately involved with those activities. I miss the interaction with students and pastors especially.

We have begun plans to send several teams of Ukrainian university students to Kstan next summer to help pastors and churches in various practical ministry areas to prepare them for future service. So, tonight I called a young pastor friend of mine in Kstan to see if he might could use 2-3 students during the summer.

Many of you may remember I visited him this summer. You can revisit my Trip to Arkalik I had gone there to lead some seminars on small groups. There wasn’t a large crowd there, so I wasn’t sure how well it was received. However, Sasha and several other brothers were pretty pumped about it.

Anyway, when I called today, I could hardly understand Sasha through his excitement. He stated that the church has started 4 small groups, each with 8-15 people attending. And just today they had their first meeting in a dorm with almost 30 students in attendance.

I was blown away by his news. My heart was filled with joy to hear how God was working in their midst. But the greatest news is that they have started several small groups in villages nearby and one family from the city church is willing to move to the village to help lead the work!!!

I cannot begin to describe how great it is to hear news like this. I shared with him that I am planning a trip to Kstan in March and most assuredly will come to visit them! I am still excited about what God is doing in their midst. This young pastor taught me a huge lesson tonight about allowing God to use us and let His Spirit do the rest!