I have been on the “road” since February 9. I traveled to South Mississippi on the 10th. There, I spoke in 5 churches in 4 days. I had a great time there and it was a joy to meet so many fellow Christians.

Then I spent 2 days in Jackson, MS visiting friends and meeting with people about the work in Kazakhstan.

After that, I spent another 5 days in central MS as another mission conference. Five churches in four days again. It was incredible to meet the people in the churches. There was a mission fair scheduled and I was able to speak to lots of RA’s and GA’s. It was terrific!

Then I traveled to Georgia to attend a Global Mission Conference at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church. In 2006 this church sent out almost 70 mission teams! I was quite impressed. Today, they sent 80 people to Gulfport, MS to help in relief work there.

Tonight, I am in Fort Lauderdale, FL for 4 days of rest. I hope the weather will cooperate so that I can sit on the beach some, go to some spring training and do some reading.

Talk to you after I get home to Texas later in the week!