Updating is sometimes difficult

I’m in Fort Worth and have been since last Saturday. It has been great to hang around with some friends, talk to others on the phone.

The hardest part is not having access to the internet except when I sit in the World Mission Center at Southwestern. (Thanks to the WMC for having free wi-fi!)

So, that is why I haven’t been able to update my site often. I will be traveling much of the next two weeks and so it will be even harder.

Here is what’s happening:
I fly to Jackson, MS Saturday, get in a rental and drive to Tylertown for a missions fair and then will speak in a church in the city on Sunday. I will drive back to Jackson during the afternoon and then spend the night with a Christian brother and his wife.

Monday morning I will meet with friends at the Baptist building in Jackson and then fly back to DFW. Tuesday I will drive to meet with some IMB friends who also are on furlough. That afternoon until Thursday I will be in Henderson, TX.

I will spend a few days in the Austin area and then drive to Beaumont/ Orange area for a few days before driving back to Wichita Falls on December 21.

It is great re-connecting with people. It is a blessing to tell others about the work in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.