UT Victory

On Thanksgiving, I attended the UT-A&M game at DKR-Memorial Stadium in Austin.  It was a tremendous experience.  We had great seats, even if they were in the endzone.

Pre-game festivities… I was sooo pumped!

The Horns SCORE… of course, UT could have run up the score, but unlike OU pulled the QB and others in the 4th qtr.   Ben and Kim M.  Ben is a Texas Tech grad.  Kim is a grad of UT.  I can’t tell you how difficult it was to get him to wear a UT shirt!

The Aggie band doing what they have done “forever”, corp style marching.  Kim and I showing our true colors!  True UT fans!

OU may be playing in the “championship” game, but there is no doubt who beat them this year… UT did on a neutral site… One final shot of the score… 49-9…

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