Well, Thanksgiving night will be memorable for a long time.  I truly enjoyed my time in Austin.

As I drove into Austin around noon, I noticed that a number of tailgaters were already set up even though kickoff was still 7 hours away.

I had dinner (lunch) with my friends and then we headed downtown to take in some of the sights that make up college football.  We did lots of walking and there were tailgaters EVERYWHERE!!!  There had to be a shortage of beer in the grocery stores as most of it was located within walking distance of the stadium at the tailgate parties.

One of my friends is a former Olympic and UT swimmer and so we attended their tailgate party near the stadium.  It was fun to meet lots of former swimmers and to hear some of their stories.

The game was phenomenal.  I truly had a great time and was in awe of sitting with more than 98,000 of my closest friends.  I have lots of photos and will post them after my return to Karaganda next week.

Go Horns!

The game

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  1. Texas played a great game especially my friend, Roy Miller at defensive tackle. Now hopefully Baylor can pull the upset today and beat Tech.

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