VE Day

Today is Victory in Europe Day in Europe.  It was on the day that WWII came to an end in Europe.  The Soviet Army celebrated their victory on May 9.  Since last Saturday officials in Karaganda have been preparing for the celebration.

They have closed the main street twice in order for troops, etc to have time to practice their marching, routines, etc.   Day of Victory is observed every year here.

Recently, I met with one person in our regional government building.  He asked me if Victory Day is observed in the US.  I told him not to the degree it is here.  Of course, WWII was not fought on American soil (I am not forgetting the troops who died in Pearl Harbor).  It happened elsewhere and many of our WWII troops are dying each year.

I wish I knew more about the war.  My father was stationed in France (and maybe Italy), but he never spoke about the war.  I got my dad’s service records a few years ago, however, there wasn’t much information there and much of it I could not read.

I hope to some day visit France…

Also I hope to get some photos of the observance tomorrow in Karaganda…