I am in Budapest right now.  On my way here, I was able to spend the night in Vienna due to the flight schedule.  I had about 36 hours in Vienna and I made the most of my time that I could.

I arrived and checked into the hotel across from the airport (it is convenient but EXTREMELY expensive!).  Immediately I took the CAT (city airport train) to downtown Vienna.  By the way, Austria uses the Euro.  The exchange rate for USD is not so great.  You get about 50 cents euro for every $1.  The train ride to town is 16 Euros (about $24).

I found a tourist company and arranged to take a city tour at 1 p.m.  It hit all the highlights and then finished at the Schoenbrunn Palace.  It was an incredibly large palace.  The grounds look like an army takes care of them.  I am sure in the spring and summer they are lusciously green.  Unfortunately, the day I was there is was overcast and foggy and I didn’t get “great” photos.

schoenbrunn-palace.jpg       back-of-palace.jpg

They wouldn’t allow photos to be taken inside.  Vienna is full of history about the Hapsburg family.  Also the city is just historically significant in many ways.  The architecture was fabulous to see.

St. Stephens church is beautiful.  Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to take a photo inside or out.  The square is so compact and the church is so large, that you cannot get the whole front of the church in the in shot.  Also, they are renovating the inside and out.

stephans-out.jpg  stephans-bell-tower.jpg    stephans-nativity.jpg

The front of the church, from the bell tower and a nativity scene inside the church.  Here are some random shots of the city: an old building;  the city hall; monument to Mozart; and the Parliament building.

building.jpg    city-hall.jpg

mozart.jpg      parliament.jpg

The last two photos are quirky ones.  Check out the ducks in the photo.  I wish I could have captured all the ducks that were “fishing”.  It was a great site to see.  The last photo is one for the books.  Please notice the placement of the seats at the airport waiting room.  I’m just glad I didn’t have to sit there!

ducks.jpg     airport.jpg

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  1. We had a layover in Vienna on our way to the field in 2003, and were able to see St. Stephen’s. You’re right – all of our pictures have about half of the front of the church in it.
    Whatcha doin’ in Budapest?

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