“Village” life

I grew up in a small town (Ukrainians would call it a village) in east Texas, population 2,000.  I spent my entire childhood in small towns so I didn’t know any better.

Growing up in a small town had its advantages (know most everyone) and its disadvantages (know most everyone and their “problems”).  I enjoyed it greatly, for the most part.

When I moved to Texarkana to attend college, I grew accustomed to living in a bigger city with all of its advantages.  I would be what you call a “city” guy now.  In the last 20 years, I have lived in a city with no less than 500,000.

I am preparing to host a team in a city of 43,000.  It isn’t too big and its not too small.

Recently I was in the town to help the deacon prepare some things for the group and he invited me to his house.  He lives in a private home and has some land where he is able to grow lots of fruits and vegetables.  This is normal for most people with land.

It reminds me of my childhood, where my father bought a garden tiller, taught me how to use it and each spring we would prepare the land, plant the seeds and then water!  Living in Texas where it gets to be 100 most summer days, we had to water often!  It was fun to go out and pick some of the veggies we grew.

This deacon has given me stuff from his garden before and this day was no different.  I had the 2 summer missionaries with me and so the deacon and his wife invited us to pick strawberries.  We picked lots of strawberries and they gave us every one of them.

Funny side note, I never liked strawberries until 1994, while living in Lugansk, UA.  An interpreter and his mom invited me to their summer garden where we picked huge strawberries and I ate them and liked them.  Now I love strawberries!

The smell of strawberries filled my car on the return trip to Donetsk.  While I may be a “city” guy, I sure enjoy driving out to the “village” and getting goodies.  Excuse me now while I go enjoy some strawberries…