Village trip

While in Almaty last weekend, I went to a village about 50 km from Almaty.  There is a rehabilitation center with several men and one woman trying to recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

When we arrived, they had just begun butchering a pig.  So the first hour was spent watching them cleaning up the mess, and then cutting up the meat.  It all seemed to go by quite quickly.  Here are a few photos from the action…

The guys raise chickens, cows, rabbits, pigs and other animals to sell to help support the center.  They have their own garden.  They try to be as self sufficient as possible.  It was great to meet them.  I got to spend some time with a brother in Christ, Sergei, who is teaching himself English (and doing a pretty good job!!!).  Then I got to spend some time with Sasha (in the red shirt).  He is a former addict who now volunteers 2 days a week at the center.

I was blessed to meet these guys!

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  1. every interesting – thanks for the photos, they give more understanding to the ministry that our Lord and Savior has called you to. Praying daily for you, Wendy

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