Visiting the dentist

Dr Hyde became my dentist in 1993.  I needed some dental work done and since I was moving to Ukraine soon, he agreed to take on my case.  I had not been to a dentist in years due to an extremely traumatic event in Daingerfield, TX while in high school.

Dr Hyde showed me that dentists could deal with their patients with lots of patience and love and care.  Whenever I am in the US, I always see Dr Hyde and his wonderful staff.  The dental hygienists have worked for him for years!

Being a missionary means that I live in different places and from time to time I have to see a dentist in the country where I live.  I remember the first dentist I visited in Kiev in 2004.  After the cleaning I promised myself I wouldn’t return.  They did some type of sandblast stuff on my mouth and my teeth were sore for weeks.

While living in Kazakhstan, I had an incredible painful episode and had to see a dentist.  Fortunately, Dr Hyde was able to consult with me via email and phone and helped guide me to the right decision.  And, I must say, the dentist and his staff were wonderful and took very good care of me in Karaganda.

Now, I found myself living in Donetsk and it is time to find a dentist.  I am truly dreading it.  I need to have my teeth cleaned and I have one tooth that seems to be getting more and more sensitive and I need to have it checked.  I have known this for months and still haven’t taken the effort to try to find a dentist.

Several other Americans living in Donetsk have told me who their dentists are and I am sure they are great people.  Yet, I don’t know that anyone can beat Dr Hyde.  If I was facing major work, I would probably take vacation and fly all the way home to Wichita Falls just so that he and his staff could take care of me.  I just wish Dr Hyde would make house visits!