Waiting for 13 years, Orphan still waits for mom

Sunday, December 18, there was a ministry group from Rovno at Grace church to share about their ministry to orphans. There were about 20 or so people in the group. They sang songs, gave testimonies, and a couple of the guys preached. There were several orphans included in the group.

This group goes from church to church to share about the ministry to orphans in the Rovno oblast, but also to enlightened believers to the problems that orphans face. Here are some statistics that I heard: over 62,000 orphans in Ukraine, and they have no idea how many orphans live on the streets. I can attest that I have seen many young people who live on the streets, of course, I have no idea how many or orphans and who might be a runaway.

Valari, a 19 year old orphan, shared his testimony that touched me. When he was a child, he was taken from his mom because she was an alcoholic. One time she came to the orphanage to see him, but she was drunk so they wouldn’t let her see him. She told them she would be back in a month. He has been waiting 13 years for her to return.

When I heard this, my heart just sank. I was deeply touched by his testimony. After the service, I had a chance to visit with him. It was a little difficult for me to understand his whole testimony since he spoke in Ukrainian, but I understood enough of it that I knew what he felt.

Valari is a student at Irpen Bible College, studying to be in the ministry. He is a bright young man who has a great future. Please pray for him.

Unfortunately, the future isn’t that bright for most orphans. They shared that many orphans, after having children themselves, wind up giving those children to orphanages since they don’t know how to love. This ministry, along with others in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union, are trying to help turn the tide. Pray for them as they serve these most needy of children.