Watching Football

It is already Christmas Eve in Kstan. At the moment it is 10 a.m. and for the last three hours I have been watching the Aloha Bowl live from Hawaii.

With the time difference, most of the evening bowls will be shown live here in the morning (of the next day of course…) I’m disappointed that Boise State isn’t doing much in the game. I remember watching them beat Oklahoma last year in the Fiesta Bowl. I also remember that many people went to bed after Oklahoma scored with less than 2 minutes left, thinking the Sooners had won the game.

So, this game is by far anti-climatic for me. I picked the Broncos to win, however, it is quite apparent that they don’t have what it takes to win the game.

I look forward to watching other games later this week..

UPDATE: Boise State almost came back and I almost gave up on them too soon.  ECU 41 BSU 38.