Wednesday’s Words: Never give up hope

Oftentimes in one’s life, when a problem persists to the point where it appears it will never be resolved, the person may get to the point of giving up hope.  Sometimes the issue may devolve into despair or even depression.

Honestly, I have a situation in my life that I have wondered how it was going to be resolved.  Each time I have sensed progress, something happens to stall forward movement, and sometimes it appears to have moved backwards.  Watching this play out has been somewhat “painful” for me as I want to see progress made.

At times, I have spent time walking around my neighborhood asking the Father to reveal to me what I need to be doing differently for progress to be made.  I do not control this progress and am somewhat a “spectator” so I do not want to interfere in the plan the Father has.  So, needless to say, I have tried to encourage, gently “push” and speak to what I see as non-movement.

Recently, I have been at the point of giving up hope, and desiring to maybe go in a different direction.  BUT, as God would have it, some new voices have vocalized some of the things I have been feeling and now there is a new sense that maybe more effort needs to be given.

Last night as I sat in my kitchen, reflecting over what I had witnessed, I was thankful for a God who never gives up on me.  He constantly is encouraging me, gently pushing me to move forward.