Week of April 4, 2005

PRIORITY: Kazakhstan Parliament to vote soon on religious restriction!

The Kazakhstan parliament is debating a new law to restrict evangelistic efforts here. Some of these restrictions include: all “missionaries” would have to be registered (however, the law is written as such that every member of every church would need to be). Sharing with friends, co-workers, and strangers could constitute a “meeting”, even in your own home.

Also, the law would require every piece of literature, book, audio and video to be approved by every person before use. Additionally, working with children would become more difficult. Here is a part of that law: “Religious training of a child shall not endanger child’s all-round development, physical or moral health.” Just who would determine if the child’s development has been damaged and how that would be determined is not spelled out.

Please enlist your friends, prayer groups, churches, others you know to pray about this.


Pavel Zaholodilov, asks for us to pray for him to teach the fear of God’s love, for him to love God and His Word, and for ministry opportunities.

Dennis Rodionov, requests prayer for him to remain close to the Lord and for him to listen to God, and for family members who are not believers.

I had a great time in Almaty last week and was able to do some preparation for future ministry events in Almaty.

This week I am leaving on a 10-12 road trip with the Baptist Union leadership to western Kazakhstan. It is doubtful that I will have email during the time I am gone. Please remember to pray for us as we will be traveling by car, train, bus, etc.

Also, the IMB couple, James and Julie Kim, should be returning to Karaganda soon. Pray for her health.

Pray for opportunities for mentoring national missionaries.

Pray for my visa. I have tried to set up an appointment with the Minister of Religious Affairs office on a couple of occasions to no avail yet.

Please pray for Orlan, Valeri, Boglan, Slavic (all these guys work at the parking lot where I park my car). Also remember the guys that I have met playing basketball. Also, pray for my friends in Kiev: Tatiyana, Pasha, Alexi, Katya, Olya, Natasha. Please remember Alosha has he is in the drug rehab center. Vova, my pastor/brother in Kiev sent me a great report this week about Alosha’s progress.

I am still on my diet. What’s hardest is when I travel and don’t have too much control over what I eat. Pray for me to always make healthy choices, even when I am not at home.

I went to the doctor in Almaty and she is not convinced that I have a pulled muscle. She wants me to have an MRI done. Unfortunately, the only appointment I could get with her was the day I was leaving Almaty, so I will wait until May when I return to Almaty to have the MRI done.

Also, I visited a dentist here in Karaganda and she wants me to have the bridge replaced. I am not sure I want to have that done here so I am thinking through my options.