Week of March 28, 2005

PRIORITY: The Kazakhstan parliament is debating a new law to restrict evangelistic efforts here. Some of these restrictions include: all “missionaries” would have to be registered (however, the law is written as such that every member of every church would need to be). Sharing with friends, co-workers, and strangers could constitute a “meeting”, even in your own home.

Also, the law would require every piece of literature, book, audio and video to be approved by every person before use. Additionally, working with children would become more difficult. Here is a part of that law: “Religious training of a child shall not endanger child’s all-round development, physical or moral health.” Just who would determine if the child’s development has been damaged and how that would be determined is not spelled out.

According to the sources in the Baptist Union office, the parliament is scheduled to vote on this law on April 8. Please ask your friends, prayer groups, churches, others you know to pray about this.


Aliya Rispayeva, lives in Almaty, KZ and is single. She requests prayer for family members who don’t know God, for her to know more of God and His love, and to share it with those who don’t know Him.

Vladimir Slivchikov, lives in Almaty, KZ and is married and has one daughter. He needs prayer as he seeks ministry opportunities and for preaching. He also would like to start a new church and learn English.

MINISTRY: I am in Almaty this week until Thursday a.m. I am here with a couple from our mission who are exploring the possibility of teaching at the Bible Institute. I will be traveling home on Wednesday evening. On Friday evening, I will be sharing my testimony and singing in a youth evangelism meeting. Pray for God to use my testimony and song mightily.

Also, there is a hand bell group coming from Pensacola, Fl for a few days of ministry in Karaganda this weekend. I may be helping them. Pray for their witness as they will be sharing in concert at the music college in Karaganda. The school has told them that they cannot share from the Word, therefore, pray for creative ways to share.

Pray for opportunities for mentoring national missionaries.

SALVATION: Please pray for Orlan, Valeri, Boglan, Slavic. Several of these guys work at the parking lot. Pray for God to give me opportunities to witness. Also, pray for my friends in Kiev: Tatiyana, Pasha, Alexi, Katya, Olya, Natasha. Please remember Alosha has he is in the drug rehab center and for God to break the addictions that have such a hold on his life.

PERSONAL: I am still on my diet. What’s hardest is when I travel and don’t have too much control over what I eat. Pray for me to always make healthy choices, even when I am not at home.

Also, I have an appointment with an Australian doctor in Almaty on Wednesday to check out the pain in my right leg. It doesn’t hurt too much, nor too often but enough to be a nuisance.

I am hoping to find a dentist in Karaganda that will help determine the source of the pain in my tooth. Before I left Kiev, I had an x-ray and two dentists said there was not a problem. However, when I bite down or chew food on that side of my mouth there is pain.