Weekend in Zaparozhia

A colleague and I traveled to Zaparozhia this weekend.  I was there to take part in a debriefing time with our summer students and to talk about next summer’s project.  Additionally, we were able to take part in a regional youth conference in one of the local churches.  There were more than 400 students, standing room only.

While at the conference, we also heard news about Ukrainian youth reaching out to a central Asian country that has recently been closed to the Gospel.  I was all the more challenged that we need to intentionally challenge young people from the former Soviet Union to be on mission in their region.

During our debriefing time, one of the brothers suggested that we needed to be praying for ministry in Kazakhstan.  The students agreed to pray every evening at 10 p.m. and then to pray and fast the Friday before the first Sunday of each month.

This weekend really encouraged me to be even more impassioned about our ministry opportunities in Kazakhstan.  Pray and fast with us…