Well, finally…

I got to play a little basketball today. It was great to be able to shot a little, however, there were only 5 of us and so we didn’t (couldn’t, shouldn’t) play full court.

I’m not getting any younger and some of the joints are telling me so right now. I had a pretty full day and so my bones are just now getting to rest some.

After playing a little BB, I met up with some young women from Lugansk that I have known for the last 10-11 years. They were passing through Kiev on their way to Prague for a youth camp. several of them have been going to this camp for several years.

Then, I went to a picnic with several people from Grace church in Kiev. One of my best buddies, Pasha, leads a small group at Grace and his small group planned a picnic for some fellowship time, reading the word and singing. Now, isn’t that great that the church is being the church!

Anyway, it was a long day but a profitable one. Be blessed tomorrow by worshiping the Risen Savior.