West Point cadets

Three West Point cadets are staying in my apartment this week. There are a total of 11 cadets and two chaperones on the team. They are here to speak with Ukrainian military and police cadets, and other college students.

Tyler, Brandon, Ryan

Ryan, the BSU president at WP, Brandon and Tyler are great young men. Ryan and Brandon are in their third year and Tyler in his second. As I have gotten to know them a little, I am proud to know them and to know that they will be serving in our military as officers in the near future.

It is great to know that God has called some fine, godly, young men to serve in our military. Think of the influende they will have all over the world as they serve in the US Army, but more importantly, in God’s army! Pray for these three young men and the others as they serve Him this week in Kyiv.