What a week!

It’s been a difficult last two weeks. Several incidents have happened to me, yet my love of being a missionary is as strong as it ever has been.

This past week, my wallet was stolen while I entered a metro wagon. It was astounding, since I knew who probably did it and confronted them. Yet, there were probably several of them and so they had already passed my wallet off to someone else.

After getting off at the next stop, I reported the theft to the police. I left the metro station to go to our office to cancel my credit cards. I reached the office, sat down at a computer to get my bank’s telephone number off the web and my cell phone rang. It was the police office reporting that they had my wallet and the credit cards.

Lena, a secretary in our office, and her husband drove me to the metro station. We found the police officer and, sure enough, there was my wallet and cards. I was happy to get the wallet back since my driver’s license and other things were in the wallet.

I arrived home, checked my bank’s web site, and unfortunately, the thieves managed to use one of my cards. I called the bank and cancelled my cards. I still praise the Lord because if this had happened in the US, I would now have to worry about identity theft. Thus far, that has not become a problem here.

The next morning, during my quiet time, the Lord impressed upon me to forgive the thieves. I come to understand that had I not forgiven them, I might become bitter about the situation and toward other Ukrainians. Once I prayed, my heart seemed lighter and, while I am still a little apprehensive to get on the metro, God is in control and will give me comfort to overcome. God is good!