What goes on in a barber shop in Donetsk

I have been going to the same barber for more than 1 1/2 years.  It always takes a few months to find the right person, but fortunately I did!

On my first trip to this particular shop Oksana cut my hair and I thought she did a good job.  She has been cutting it ever since.  She even gave me her cell phone number so that I could call and make appointments.  They work every other day so trying to remember which day she will work from month to month is too hard!

I had a 10 a.m. appt this morning.  The shop is usually not too busy in the morning and today was no exception.  All of the women who work there were sitting in the main room watching TV.  Oksana invited me to sit down and I watched from the mirror the reactions of the ladies watching TV.

They were watching a Russian soap opera.  I laughed to myself as I listened to one of the older ladies explained to the other what had been going on with this one particular couple in the show.  She got very animated from time to time and the others would shush her to get her to be quiet.

Oksana didn’t speak to me much since she was trying to listen to what was going on as well.

It reminded me of the time I was in the hospital in 1994 in Lugansk.  I was in an infectious disease hospital, basically quarantined from the other patients since I was a “foreigner” and they didn’t want me to catch what the others had.

One evening, it was awfully quite in the hall and I looked out my door to see all the patients gathered around the nurses office.  I walked down and too my surprise they were watching Santa Barbara.  After the show they all asked me if life in the US was really like that!  Sadly, I had to tell them otherwise! 🙂

As I was leaving the barber shop, I told Oksana goodbye and as I was leaving, she was sitting in her chair, eyes gazing at the TV.  Some things transcend culture…