What language today?

Last November and December the Orange Revolution took to the streets of Kiev. It appeared that the people had found their collective voices and helped reshaped the politics of Ukraine.

A week after the inauguration of Yushchenko, I took off for the frozen tundra of Kstan. While I was gone it appears that another revolution took place…

Let me explain.

Some years ago, the Ukrainian government decided that all legal documents had to be in the Ukrainian language. While this has taken place, the language that most people spoke on the streets of Kiev and eastern Ukraine continued to be in Russian. So the trade language has been Russian.

While I was gone, something happened and I can only explain it as a continuation of the the Revolution that took place last November and December.

Since returning, I hear more Ukrainian on the streets. Also, many of the salespeople in the shops I frequent seem to be speaking Ukrainian.

While in Kstan, I noticed that all the advertisements were in both Kazakh and Russian. I think it is the best of both worlds. I was able to read the adverts and also learn a few Kazakhi words.

Fortunately, I am getting to where I can understand a little Ukrainian, but I cannot speak it (yet). Maybe someday…