What to call me?

Missionary at large. A man without a country.

Yesterday I met with the administration team for our field. It was explained what I am going to be doing over the next few months and one person asked what my title was going to be. Several laughed and I thought about the two aforementioned titles.

All humor aside, I know that my main purpose is to see people realize their lostness in sin and see their need for Christ in their lives. That is every Christian’s purpose, to lead people to Christ. It began when Christ lived on earth and continues to this day.

So, I will be a missionary living in two countries but my focus will still be K’stan. Sometimes I will be in Ukraine and other times I will be in K’stan. While I am in Ukraine, I will be recruiting nationals to catch the vision that Christ spoke of in Matthew 28:18-20. I will be recruiting brothers and sisters to accept the call to go to K’stan as missionaries. Kazakhstan is my focus.

So, through the summer months, I (along with others) will begin the process of developing some recruitment tools and then when the school year begins in September I will begin traveling to Bible colleges, institutes and seminaries to speak with potential candidates.

So, while some people may not know what title to use in addressing me (and titles are irrelevant to me), I am asking you to address the Father on my behalf and ask Him to give me boldness, strength, protection and love as I seek to accomplish the purpose in which He has called me to.