What will be your legacy?

Today, through the blessing of technology, I was able to watch the celebration service of a friend who passed away all too soon.

I met J in January 1998 as I moved into my tiny apartment on the campus of Southwestern Seminary. He was my neighbor whom I rarely saw because of his schedule. Later, after I graduated and moved into an apartment nearby, J would come by on Sunday afternoons. He was a member at Southwayside, but was living in Dallas at the time, and didn’t want to drive back and forth between morning and evening services.

As I watched the service I was so impressed with his young son, J, aged 6. As he stood in the receiving line, I noticed that he quickly began greeting people and eventually started hugging almost everyone. Instead of them coming to him, he started going up the line to greet the people. It reminded me of his father, J, who was being honored today. J never met a stranger, always had a smile on his face and when he laughed, the laughter would fill the room.

Also in that room were a lot of people I have known since my days at seminary. People I love and who are still like family to this day. All of us are older. I saw one woman who is like a mom to me and whose husband passed away not too long ago. Both have made an impact in my live. There are countless others I could mention.

All of this caused me to wonder about legacy and what will people remember about us once we are gone. Will we be remembered as a people who love God and others? Will we be remembered as a people who fulfilled the Great Commission? Ultimately, that should be our greatest legacy.