When you think you've seen it all…

something happens to change that opinion. I am not a novice at living in the former Soviet Union. I have seen much, much more than I should probably talk about. Yet, this week I saw something that shocked me.

I was walking down a sidewalk that I have been on many times since moving to Karaganda. I have seen many beggars in this area and there is one particular spot they seem to like to congregate.

Well, at this time, there happened to be a gypsy (someone told me they are actually not gypsies, but a group of beggars from Turkey) holding her baby. As people would pass by she would speak something that was unintelligible for me as it wasn’t Russian.

As I approached her I felt the need to speak to her, so I was slowing down to kneel when I noticed that one of her breast was uncovered and her baby was having lunch at that moment. Needless to say, I picked up my pace as I had already seen more than I needed to see. Oh, well, maybe next time.