Where did spring go?

The weather patterns must be changing!  I remember in April 2011 we were wearing coats until at least mid month and it was rainy and cool.  This April, the temps warmed up quickly and people took off their coats.

Now, it is early May and we are in a “heat wave” wondering where this will take us in late July and August!  I have been wearing shorts outside for a few weeks now and my bedroom is a constant 76-78 everyday, even at night!  I am contemplating hooking up my portable A/C soon so that I can sleep at nights.

Yesterday, as I was walking the dog, I saw lots of folks wearing shorts.  This is not the usual for us.  But everyone seems to be happy that we are having warm temps.  However, I don’t want to rush spring away for summer.   Hopefully, our temps will moderate and we can enjoy spring for another month!


2 thoughts on “Where did spring go?

  1. I agree, where did Spring go? In Texas for the past week, we have had some abnormal temps. For example, we almost broke the record temp on Wednesday with 102 in May. At this time, we are suppose to have Spring like weather, with windows open for the night time breeze to come in. However, I have my air conditioner on low so I can sleep at night too. Wichita Falls is supposed to have RAIN, but we have muggy and hot. So, be blessed, Mr. Joe for your “moderate” temps. We hit 100 for two to three days so far in May.

    Tiffany L.

  2. Texas is expected to be hot this time of year but not in Donetsk! That is the “charm” of Texas. However, it should be cooler here in Ukraine and for some reason, this spring has been unusually warm. I wouldn’t mind the hot temps like Texas if we had the a/c like Texas!

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