Where in the world is Middletown?!?

I had a superb time in NYC.  It is a great city to visit.  It was cold, but beautiful. I learned that a nor’easter was heading to the very area I was to visit and so began watching the weather report.

I was somewhat hopeful when I woke up in NYC this am and there wasn’t any snow.  I made it to Penn Station fine on the subway, even though my suitcase is definitely heavier from gift buying at Macy’s, Statue of Liberty, etc. 🙂

The train left on time and there still wasn’t any snow.  We didn’t come into any snow until we left NJ, but when we hit it, boy, did we hit it!  I could tell the snow was really falling from the way the train cut through it.  It was almost impossible to see past the window.

Already I knew that Dover, DE had 8-10 inches of snow on the ground.  So, when I arrived in Wilmington I got my rental car and headed for Dover (about a 50 mile trip).  After about 25 miles and 1 1/2 hours I noticed more and more cars stuck on the road.  I began worrrying about getting stuck in a traffic jam on the highway and having to spend the night in my car.

So, I pulled off at the next town and thought I would get some lunch.  I found a restaurant after hunting for its entrance.  There was so much snow everywhere.  I got out of my car only to discover they had closed due to the weather.  While trying to leave, I got stuck in their parking lot.

I borrowed a snow shovel from the restaurant and dug and dug and dug!!!  After about 45 minutes I got the car unstuck and decided I wasn’t going anywhere else since sleet was falling with the snow.  I asked where a hotel was located and drove to the only hotel in town and they were doing quite a business.  I got a room, but there is absolutely nothing open in the town (not that I would have driven there anyway!!!).

Fortunately, the hotel had some snacks that I was able to purchase.  I hadn’t taken the time to eat breakfast and now it was almost 4 p.m. so I was getting hungry… I just hope the snow quits sometime tonight (since it is still falling at 2-3 inches an hour still) and that the roads will clear off enough for me to drive the next 30 miles to visit my aunt.

BTW, Middletown is midway between Wilmington and Dover Delaware…