Where in the world?

Many are probably asking that question?  Where in the world have I been and why haven’t I updated the site.  Well, I don’t have a good excuse.  I spent the whole month of January at home, so I don’t really have a reason.

By the way, time really does fly, doesn’t it?!  I mean, it seems that just yesterday we were celebrating the new year and now, here it is Feb 10!

I am busy making plans for 2 summer teams and thinking about the 4 1/2 months that I will be in America.  I thought I would be spending my furlough time in Arkansas, mostly doing some research on my family tree.  However, I have had to make a few changes and now will spending it in Texas.  Still, I hope to spend a couple of weeks in Arkansas to visit some churches, friends and dig up some more stuff on my dad’s family.

Winter has been unusual here.  We had a really cold spell in the middle of December with really cold temperatures.  Then, warm (in the 30’s) and then cold for a few days in January.  However, most of the snow has melted now and it is beginning to feel like spring.  The 10 day forecast doesn’t show much cold weather.

Another coffee shop has opened up near my apartment.  It is a pleasant experience, but I think I like the coffee and desserts much better at another place not too far from my apt.  Traveler’s Coffee opened up last year.  It was started in Novosibirsk by an American.  They have good coffee and pretty good desserts.  I think the cheesecake is my favorite.

I am at home sick today (this is the 3rd day), but I am hoping that I will rebound soon.  I have lots to do in the coming days.  Hopefully, I will write more often.  I sure don’t want any “Where’s Joe” books written about me.