Whether to weather the weather

Blizzards and other things related

Since arriving, I have been told by numerous people that the worst weather months in Karaganda are February and March. It seems that as the weather begins to warm (I use this term figuratively) into the single and low teens, the wind picks up as does the snow and they have blizzards here.

Yesterday, as I was riding with a brother to another city nearby, he explained that it is impossible to see 1 or 2 meters in front of you. We witnessed trucks and street equipment out clearing the sides of the highways. He said that it was in preparation for the large amounts of snow that will pile up during these blizzards.

Later that afternoon, I was talking with the man who works at the parking lot where I park the car. He told me to begin preparing for the blizzards. He told me to stockpile water and food.

I guess that’s good advice. I’m a Texas boy and I know that everytime the weather forecasters mentioned snow or ice, everyone (and I do mean everyone) was at the grocery store stocking up. I guess we thought the snow or ice might stick around for several weeks instead of several days.

Now, being a Texas boy, I have only heard of blizzards. I have never witnessed one. However, there were times living in Wichita Falls that it seemed like someone forgot to close the door between us and Colorado as the cold wind came barreling from the north.

So, it will be interesting to see what one of these “burans” (blizzards) looks like. I just hope that I get to witness it from the comfort of my kitchen window (that looks out at Lenin’s statue) and not from the road while driving a car.