Which road?

In 1999, while a student at Southwestern Seminary, I went on a mission trip to Russia to help build a church in Volkhov. Some wonderful friends, Brenda and John Ganoe, helped sponsor me on that trip. John and I had worked together at Mardel (a Christian bookstore in Fort Worth) for a while.

John and I were like iron sharpening iron. We were from different Christian backgrounds. He was a Charismatic and I, a Baptist. We didn’t always see eye to eye on spiritual matters, but we loved each other through our differences.

John passed away from cancer in March 2004. I cried, knowing the hurt that his wife was going through. I share this to say this, that in 1999, John and Brenda gave me a bookmark before my trip to Volkhov. I carry that bookmark in my Bible and have since 1999.

Today, after my quiet time and prayer time, I re-read the bookmark. This is what it has to say…

Road of Ministry

As you travel this special road of ministry, may the Spirit of God surround you.
Always remember that the Lord has promised to be there, whether you are in a valley, or on top of a mountain.
His hand will guide and protect you from harm, as long as you stay close to His side.
If you should get ahead of Him, He will humble you. If you falter, He will encourage you.
His grace will be sufficient for you to carry out the ministry He has anointed you to walk in.
His blessings will follow you wherever you go.

As I was typing this, “I surrender all” began playing on my CD player. Quite appropriate. May God use it in your life as He did in my life today and many days in the past and will again in the future.