Why I love college football…

Ah, the feel of fall is in the air.  At least it was until our recent heatwave hit.  However, when the calendar turns over to September, my two favorite sports begin in earnest: college football and Texas high school football.

I just read the headlines from Saturday afternoon games and read that  Appalachian State upset Michigan in Ann Arbor.  I’m guessing there’s not too much celebrating going on tonight there.  But I can only imagine what is taking place in Boone, NC right now.  There must be pandamonium on their city streets.

One of the stories I read compared them to David and Goliath.  That Biblical story gets used a lot by the secular media.  I wonder why?  Surely they don’t believe that story ever took place, but I digress…

So far, the only sadness that exists (besides my high school alma mater losing the last year’s 2A champs) is that Todd Dodge couldn’t pull out a win against #8 Oklahoma.  I knew that it was a long shot for that to happen but one can hope, right?  Well, Dodge is suffering his first loss in 2 or 3 years as a coach.  Here’s hoping he can do it on the big stage like he could at Southlake Carroll.

Wish a satellite existed in Kazakhstan where I could get college football.  Guess I’ll go back to watching the cricket game.  I still haven’t figured out that game… and why do they call it cricket???

3 thoughts on “Why I love college football…

  1. Steven is watching LSU!! Number 2!

    He still misses running up & down the field lugging his 50 lb camera equipment!

  2. Steve,
    Buckeye’s have always been a favorite!

    LSU is a team I like as well. So long as they aren’t playing Arkansas or Texas!!!

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