Why not me?!

I got up early this morning to watch Texas play Ohio State.  It was a long game, but I did pack 2 bags while watching the game.  Then with about 8 minutes left in the game, someone turned of the electricity in our building to do some repairs.  They were working in the hall and so I asked them how long… he replied 20 minutes… I told him that was too long.

I figured I wouldn’t get to watch the end of the game, but as OSU was scoring the go ahead touchdown the electricity came back on, so I got to watch the spectacular Vince Young-esque ending (you remember the way Young drove the Horns down the field to beat USC for the National Championship…).  Colt led the Horns back and scored with 16 seconds left.  Not a bad ending after the electricity was turned off.

Well, I had someone to met around lunch time and after I returned home 3 repairmen showed up to do some work.  Two of them were to work on a leaking radiator and the other an electrical problem in the bathroom.  I went to the kitchen to get something to drink then I heard one of the men hollering.  Somehow, I knew what had happened but really didn’t want to see… I peaked around the corner and sure enough, black sooty water was pouring out of the radiator in the bedroom.

One quickly left to turn off the water, the other was trying desperately to hold the water in, just a couple of issues… the water is under pressure and it is extremely HOT as I found out as I came into the bedroom to try to help.  By this time, the water was nearly at the door leading out to the hallway and entryway…

My living room is the war room right now.  I have all my packing stuff in there, most of it on the floor.  I had to think quickly, or it was going to be in there… I reached for a blanket and stuffed it at the living room door to stop it from going in there.  It worked.

We were quickly emptying the buckets I had to mostly no avail.  I wanted to scream at them for breaking the pressure valve off and creating the mess.  Eventually the water was turned off and then we began the clean up.  By this time the water filled the bedroom floor and completely covered the entryway to the main entrance.  Black, sooty water that was still pretty warm.

We spent the next hour getting up most of the water and then they left.  After taking a short break for lunch (it was now almost 4:30 p.m.) I got back in the bedroom, moved the bed, cleaned under it and most of the baseboard.  I am waiting for it to dry so that I can go do the other half of the room and then I still have the entry way.

Remember this from June when Misha and Sasha cleaned the radiators?  See the black, sooty water?  That is what it looked like today, only it covered one room and entryway completely and sprayed up on the wall, all over my bed.  I now have a mound of stuff to wash and clean.

As I was cleaning a moment ago, I started having a “pity party.”  I have enough to do with packing, etc and now I have spent 4 hours cleaning up a mess.  The thought ran through my mind, “why me?!”  Then immediately, the Lord said, “Joe, why not you?”  I had to agree, why not me…

This little inconvenience has given me a chance to witness to one of the guys while we were cleaning up.  He asked me if he could come back tomorrow to talk more.  (Of course I said YES!)  Then I turned on my IPod and Selah began singing (this is no lie) “It is well with my soul.”

God is so good to me.  I cannot imagine life without Him.  In the midst of the darkness, He shines light.  In the midst of black sooty water He reminds me, It is well with my soul.

Indeed, why not me!

*UPDATE: The clothes appear to be ruined, along with a few electronic things that were in the room.  I guess this means I just have less to pack, right?!

12 thoughts on “Why not me?!

  1. God works in mysteriuos ways to give us appointments with other people.

    The last part of the Texas gsme was great!!!!!

  2. David,
    He sure does. I spent more than 6 hours total. The clothing is probably ruined by the black soot, but God is still in control… 🙂
    Go Horns!

  3. David,
    I just remembered you mentioned on an earlier comment that your “friend” Roy Miller from the defense. He won the defensive player of the game. How do you know him???

  4. Roy graduated from Shoemaker High School in Killeen Texas where I am the attendance office. Roy is a gentle giant till he gets on the football field. He also is a strong Christian like Mcoy and Cosby. We are all proud of him here.

  5. God’s ways most certainly are not our ways. we would never plan a big mess in order to share the gospel………amazing isn’t HE!!!!!
    You are blessed Joe!

  6. Now I know why you probably did not answer your phone after the game…you were cleaning up a huge mess. Colt was amazing as he so calmly marched the team down the field. Even the OU fans at work today congradulated me on the win. I hope you are able to watch the championship game.

  7. The mess came several hours later, Brenda. My electricity was turned off for about 15 minutes and so the internet may not have been re-set when you tried to call. When I got the email that you had called, it was too late to call you. I was mad at Colt for throwing the INT right before the half… but he made up for it in the end 🙂

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