Why so early, why at all?

Growing up in the US, I knew it would happen twice a year. We even learned a “cute” little rhyme so that we could remember.

While in junior high or high school I remember one spring that it was so dark when it was time to catch the bus to school that they changed the time school started. Over the years, Congress has messed with this so much that it is impossible to remember when it even is anymore.

Well, in spring of 2005 I spent 5 1/2 months in Kazakhstan. It was during those five months that the government here did away with this business of change. They haven’t regretted it either.

While speaking with a friend this week, I learned that the US was “springing forward” on March 9. I was confused as to why it was so early this year. It used to be the first Sunday in April and then they changed it to the last Sunday in March. Now it is the second Sunday.

I understand that the “fall back” change has been moved to the first Sunday in November. Wow, doesn’t Congress have more important things to do than legislate when daylight saving time begins???

The time change never happens here. While it may be dark until 9 am in winter and the sun comes up at 4 am in the summer, you never have to remember “spring forward, fall back” or when it will happen.

In the US, even if you can remember it is the second Sunday in March, beware,  Congress may just move it again.

What they ought to consider is not having it change at all… just like many parts of the world… Besides I lose enough sleep without losing one every spring…