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Why so hard?

Wednesday afternoon I was sitting in Burger King trying to download emails and catch up on some computer work.  I hadn’t been there long when a young man sat at the table next to me.

He started talking to me right away and told me he needed prayers and asked if I would pray for him.  He came over to my table and so I shut my computer off so that I could devote my attention to him and not my computer…

He began telling me that he needed $9 to buy a bus pass so that he could get back and forth to work.  I called one church in town and asked what he could do to get help.

They informed me to have him go somewhere and as I got off the phone he said that he had already been there.   I asked him where he could buy a bus pass and he told me.  I told him that I never give money to people but that I was willing to help.

I have several friends that work at the city, so I called one to find out the price and where passes could be bought.  My friend said he would call me back in a few minutes.  Before he could, David, the young man, got up and left.  He said he would go try elsewhere.

My fears were confirmed.  I’m sure he didn’t want the money for a bus pass…

Recently, I read the follow up book to “Same Kind of Different as Me”, and the used to be homeless man, Denver, mentioned that when a homeless man asks for money, just do it.  Don’t try to “make” the homeless person use it for what you want him too.

His words were echoing through my mind as David walked off.  I never got to pray with him and I am wondering why it is so hard for me just to give them money?  Even though I knew he didn’t want the money for a bus pass…

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