Oftentimes, when something bad or unpleasant happens to us, our first response is to ask God, “Why?”  I find it interesting that even people who don’t consider themselves particularly religious often ask this question.

Moses sure asked God many questions that began with the word, “Why?”  Take for example in Number 11, as the Israelites are in the desert asking for meat, Moses asked, “Why have you dealt ill with your servant?”  I found it also humorous later in the same verse when he asked, “Did I conceive all this people?”

The Why question is often the first thing off our lips when something happens unexpectedly in our lives.  I know that I am guilty of having done this in the past.  I think it is a natural response.

The Israelites questioned almost everything that happened to them in the desert.  And Moses took their requests to the Lord. I’m sure he grew tired of it over time.

What kind of response should we have?

If you have spent anytime with me, in person or reading this blog, you know about the things that have happened to me in recent years.  Many times I have asked that question about my situations, and there were sometimes where I “feel” I was justified in asking the question.

But the Lord uses the circumstances in our lives to prepare us for what will happen down the road. When I reflect over the WHY questions of the last 4 years, I see how God did just that in my life.

Almost 4 years ago, I was uprooted from my life in Donetsk.  God put me in some situations where I had to “get over myself.”  I had to allow God to stretch in me ways that I have never been stretched before.

So, when I was diagnosed with cancer in November 2016, honestly, I can say that I did not ask, “Why?”  I accepted it as part of God’s plan for my life and He gave me unbelievable peace.

What about the future?  Well, I hope that because of life circumstances, God has prepared me for whatever may come.  And, hopefully, instead of “Why,” I can say, “Why not!”