Wichita Falls

Well, I am now in Wichita Falls where the temps have dropped and they are expecting a freeze here.  Cooler weather is nice, especially since it makes wonderful football weather.

I will be in WF for a few days.  I hope to go to my home church
Wednesday evening.

Wichita is a great city.  It is large enough to have a mall and all the conveniences of a larger city, but it is small enough that you can be across town in 20 minutes.

Many people I know have been to WF, but it is usually on their way to Colorado to ski, or to the DFW area for whatever.   🙂

I will need to post some photos of the city sometime…

I have been listening to a lot of talk radio since returning and reading lots of newspapers.  The thing I miss the most about America is the newspaper delivered to my door.  I LOVE reading the newspaper, especially the Sunday edition!  (But, have they gotten expensive!  I paid $1 for the Ft Worth newspaper today!)