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Wild weather!

I am in Mingo Junction, Ohio.  I have had a great time visiting family and sharing about my life overseas.  It is always fun and uplifting to share what is going on!

In the past few days I have seen the weather go from cold and snow flurries to sun, warm, cloudy, rain, and back to sleet and ice, all in 24 hours.  I almost forgot where I was (Texas has weather like that sometimes!!!).

Currently, I am spending the last few hours visiting my aunt and uncle, going to their Bible study tonight and then head to the Pittsburgh airport tomorrow morning to fly to New Hampshire.

I have never been that far north in the US.  I am looking forward to visiting friends for a couple of days before taking the train to NYC on Monday…

I hope the weather cooperates and lets me fly to NH tomorrow!  Until next time…

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