Winter finally?

During the month of November the temperature only dropped below freezing once.  As I reflect upon that fact it is almost difficult for me to believe.  After all, this is Ukraine!

It has been a strange fall here, weather-wise.  It has been warm, cool and then almost warm again.  I have a friend from Kiev staying with me while he does some work in the city.  After dinner last night, we went for a long walk around the city.  I couldn’t believe that it was over 50 degrees.

Today was absolutely beautiful.  For much of the day, it was clear and sunny.  However the wind did pick up and the temperature began to slowly fall.  Right now it is 39 degrees, but the forecast calls for the overnight low to drop to 22 and the high not reaching freezing tomorrow.

What’s truly amazing is that parts of Europe (England for one) have received snow the last few days.  Please understand, I have truly loved that winter didn’t hit us early.  It has been a real blessing for me that it hasn’t come yet.  But, I know that this must now come to an end and reality set in that winter is upon us and will be here until probably March.  With the late arrival, it will seem much shorter than usual.