Winter in Astana

It is COLD in Central Asia where the temps struggle to reach ZERO… However, there is some good that comes from the cold. The new capital, Astana, has been turned into a winter wonderland with some beautiful ice sculptures. The first photo shows the Batterik, a tall structure in the middle of the capital grounds with the New Years tree in the foreground. Around the Batterik they have made a skating rink. You can see the modern buildings nearby. One of the funniest things I saw was a guy sitting down talking on his cellphone. The fourth photo is a general shot. The last photo is of the President’s residence. That is what it is called, but I don’t think he lives there, it is where he works.

chupa-chups-tree.jpg ice-skate.jpg guy-phone-ice.jpg

guys-ice-skat.jpg happy-new-year.jpg

ice-sculp.jpg capital.jpg

Aftewards, I went up to the top of the Batterik to take some photos of the capital area. The President’s residence is in the first photo. Then some random photos of surrounding buildings. The last photo is of a residential building called “Triumph”. It is a huge complex that costs lots of money to purchase an apartment in.
chupa-capital.jpg chupa-build-2.jpg chupa-build-3.jpg

chupa-build-4.jpg chupa-build.jpg mosque-chupa.jpg


These next photos are taken at night.

bears-sculp.jpg camel-sculp.jpg

night-sculp.jpg chupa-night.jpg

I took these last two photos outside of town near the airport.

weed-ice.jpg weed-ice.jpg