Winter in Donetsk

Throughout the month of December I wondered if winter was ever going to arrive in Donestk.  Even though it was cold (by a Texans standards!), it was not as cold as it could have been.

As January 2012 rolled around, we had a few snow storms with a couple of heavy snowfalls.  Yet, after a few days, the temps would climb into the upper 30’s or so and the snow melted.  On January 13, I got on a train to go to western Ukraine and while it was cold, there was no snow on the ground.

All that changed as we traveled throughout Ukraine on a 22 hour ride to L’vov.  As we arrived in L’vov the snow was falling and it was decidedly cooler.  On the bus ride to our destination, the snow continued to fall.  It was a great trip to western UA and lots of snow and cold temps.

One phone call to Donetsk told me that temps had fallen and there was snow on the ground here as well.  When I arrived back in Donetsk on January 17, it was definitely colder and snow was on the ground.  Since then, it has snowed much more and the temps have fallen as well.

This morning I checked the temps online and it said that the current temp was zero F.  Thankfully, yesterday they sun was out all day and it was nice to talk a walk along Pushkina Boulevard to my first meeting of the day.  And, it appears the sun will shine again today.  Winter has finally arrived in Ukraine!